Monthly Archives: December 2006

I hate lying.
I hate scheming.
I hate false naivete.
I hate deception.
I hate battingling egos.
I hate feigned modesty.
I hate conspriracy.
I hate innuendo.
I hate wolves in sheeps clothing.
I hate half-truths.
I hate intentional ommissions of fact.
I hate witch hunts.
I hate it when people automatically assume the worst about actions and motives.
I hate it when people knowingly twist the truth.
I hate clandetine attempts to gain personal glory or fame.
I hate lying.

I’m not a theologian and I do not claim to be able to correctly interpret John 8:32. Still, I’ll take my best shot at “You will know the truth and the truth shall set you free.”

I’ve always thought this an excellent verse to live by as a journalist. One of my fellow jouralism majors at OBU told me that here truth was metaphor for Jesus (after all, Jesus does refer to himself as “the way, the truth and the life” (John 14:6) and Jesus can set us free). I maintain the “truth” refers to the Gospel and God’s Word and therefor I think it applies to all truth in general, since the Gospel is literally nothing if not true. Therefor as a Christian and journalist, I should strive for nothing less that 100 percent prime choice USDA certified grade-A TRUTH.

All that to restate my first point. I hate lying. Truely (ha!), honesty is the best policy according to God. Not only is lying the direct opposite of honesty, it’s explicitly forbidden by the ninth commandment. Is it any wonder Satan is somtimes called “The Deceiver?”

It’s sad day when people you know cling to lies with grips so firm their mental knuckles turn white and they begin to sincerely believe their own lies. It’s even worse when they’ve been decieved (by Satan or something less malevolent) and they velieve they know what is best for leading Kingdom work.

There. I said it. It’s not too well thought out or organized but you get the picture.



It is widely accepted among theologians that among God’s better (yet more unknown) gifts to mankind is… 2-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner.

To ask for anything more would be ungrateful and potentially blasphemous.

But lo, God, in His infinite wisdom, has deemed mankind ready to handle…

Seriously, a big shout out of thanks to my boys at Dial. The 12 seconds you’ve saved me each morning shall not go unwasted.
Now, if we can just produce a 4-in-1 that includes toothpaste, I’ll be set for life.