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I’m sorry, but there’s no way the Colorado River carved the Grand Canyon. I don’t care how many years you give it, it takes way more blind faith to believe a river did that than to believe God carved it with His own hands.


Der M├Ąchtige Missouri Fluss, oder Der Rhein Fluss… Nehmen Sie Ihre Wahl
(The Mighty Missouri River, or the Rhine)

Germany and its culture and language somehow have a more profound impact on Missouri than one might think.

For example, before the capital city and my home, Jefferson City, was named after our third president, it was known as Old Muenchenberg. Today, Jeff City’s “sister city” is the original Muenchenberg in Germany.

You want another example? Jefferson City is situated within the Missouri River Valley… or at least that’s I thought. The “officially recognized” name for this geographic region is the Missouri Rhineland.

I live in the frickin’ Rhineland.