Monthly Archives: May 2007

I have a dream

Someday, I’m going to throw out all my socks and just go out and buy like 20 pairs of the same brown socks. Then I’m going to throw them all in a drawer. I’m never going “fold them”/roll the up into pairs when I do laundry either… just throw ’em in the drawer. I’ll never have to worry about an odd number of socks and they’ll always be a perfect match.

You’ve got to have goals in life.


I wonder if I can still do it

Ka-rip! Ka-rap! ka-rippolo tipollo tap,
O O rincto lincto hi-o totamus,
Hopula skipula copula gotamus,
Chink-ta-lak chink-ta-lee ka-willa ka-walla ka-victory!
Ooh Ooh hoog-u-la choog-u-la koog-u-la can,
Rag-u-la tag-u-la melcian man,
Let ‘er go rip let ‘er go ruse,
Ting-u-la tang-u-la turn ’em a loose,

Yep. Still can.

Life’s Simple Pleasures

Life’s Simple Pleasure #21

New windshield wipers.