Take a Letter

Earlier this week I went upstairs to interview a man on the 6th floor for a story. As I got to his open door, I could see he was busy so I politely waved and stood around the corner, waiting until he finished his business. (I tend to give people in “The Building” the upper hand when it comes to prioritzing their time. The way I see it, their ministry is probably way more important than my story and I can proably afford to wait a few minutes.)

As I “listened” (OK, eavesdropped), I was surprised to hear him dictating a letter to his “ministry assistant” (OK, secretary). Are we still doing this? In late 200 7? Is writing a letter really that far beneath you?
Personally, I would find it hard to “speak” a letter. One of the great benefits of typing a letter is that the composer of said letter is able to view the document as a whole even as it evolves, thus ensuring the proper tone, clarity, uniformity and the letter’s effectiveness in communicating the desired message (and supposedly, who knows this better than the person sending it?).
The only way I will give this man a pass is that he is the oldest person on staff and may not be able to type a mind-blowing 15 wpm like me. But still, even if he was relegated to mere hunt and peckery, at least it would stave off arthritis.

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