Monthly Archives: December 2007

Can life get any better?

First, Queen releases a new single, then I get wind of the new American Gladiators! What else can possibly go right in my life? Is Jessica Biel fixing to ring my doorbell and beg for a date?


Where’s my bailout?

Apparently the President has lost faith in the market and, in a fit of liberalism, has decided it falls upon him to bail out people who signed sub-prime mortgages and are at risk of losing their homes.

The agreement with mortgage companies will freeze interest rates for several years, even though the rates were scheduled to go up in 2008, as per the signed mortgage note.

So… where’s my bailout? Just because I was smart enough to finance my home with a fixed-rate loan, I don’t get a break in interest? C’mon. It’s bad enough the government is nullifying and modifying contracts it deems unfair just because people are whining, but we’re actually rewarding those people who made those unwise decisions. If anything, I should get some federal assistance for making my payments on time and even throwing in a little bit extra each month to eat away at that principal.

"Hot Meat Landslide" would be an awesome name for a rock band

I don’t know if there is some sort of award for Awesomest Sticker, but I’m nominating Sonic for this bad boy right here and right now. Ooh, wouldn’t this make a fun road sign?

On to more important things: Finally, Corporate America is taking the time to increase hot meat and cheese landslide awareness. I can remember the Great Beef Landslide of 2003. Oh the humanity! And George Bush just stood there and did nothing. NOTHING! In fact, recently released papers indicated that very day the President titled a foot-long cheese coney a full 23 degrees! What do you have to say about that, Sean Hannity?

American Pie

I’m not sure how a blue berry pie is supposed to taste, but dag nabbit I’ve baked one. The crust is actually really good. The pie more or less tastes like warm jelly. Does that sound about right?

Get into the Christmas Spirit

More Proof There is a God

Need I say more?

Absolute Emperical Proof There Is a God and He Loves Us and Wants Us to be Happy


That’s right Queen fans: Roger Taylor, Brian May, John Deacon and new frontman Paul Rodgers (of Bad Company) have released a new power ballad in honor of World AIDs Day and their late lead singer Freddie Mercury. What’s more, IT’S FREE and available for download from!

I was lucky enough to hear “Say It’s Not True” live in Chicago when I went to see Queen in March of 2006. Do yourself a favor and listen to it now.