Road Trip ’08 – Day 6

Cleveland, Ohio to Jefferson City, MO
______ miles, ______ hours
Total miles so far:
States driven through: Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri
Dead deer seen on side of road: 31
Smokies: 48
Cranky Canadian Border Guards: 1
Royal Canadian Mounties seen: 0

What a nice, sunny Ohio morning! It’s perfect driving weather, or at least it would be if three quarters of Ohio’s highways weren’t under construction and being patrolled by 8 gazillion cops.

Speaking of cops, I’m actually kind of digging the Ohio Highway Patrol’s logo.

I drove the first two hours, then Leslie took over, then I promptly proceed to almost choke to death on a Nerd Rope.

For lunch, we stopped off at the Cracker Barrel on exit 104 (Leslie’s fav). It was good, although the pre-meal game (“Skip the Tee”) knocked my self-esteem level down a few notches. Apparently, despite my high ACT score, I am an egg-no-raw-moose (I left four tees). Leslie, on the other hand, succeeded in removing all but one, thus earning the title “genius.” I wouldn’t put too much stock in it though; it’s just a wooden triangle’s opinion.

I climbed back in behind the wheel and Indiana and Illinois went by fairly quickly. Before you knew it, we were in Missouri and soon enough were pulling into my driveway.

My roommate moved out the day after we left and he didn’t clean his dishes or his bathroom before he left, but other than that and my now-overgrown lawn, Leslie seemed to like my house.

There was also the small matter of the mouse in the mouse trap, but better a dead mouse in a trap than a live one in her bed.

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