Road Trip ’08 – Day 7

Jefferson City, MO to STL and back again
______ miles, ______ hours
Total miles so far:
Total time on raod: 39 hours, 11 minutes
States driven through: Missouri
Dead deer seen on side of road: 32
Dead mice: 1
Smokies: 52

Cranky Canadian Border Guards: 1
Royal Canadian Mounties seen: 0

Leslie’s flight didn’t leave until 4, so we were able to sleep late before attacking the final leg of Road Trip ’08.

I got up a little early and cooked us some breakfast: sausage and pancakes with our special Canadian syrup. It wasn’t up to say, Keeneland’s standards, but it was pretty darn good if I do say so myself.

Leslie made her flight no problem and I made it back home no problem.

A few stats:
My car drove: 2664.1 miles
We averaged: 28.6 mpg
We averaged 55.1 mph
We used: 93.5 gallons of gas


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