And now for something creepy

I didn’t sleep very well last night. I went to bed around 11 and soon I was sound asleep and dreaming.

Not all the details of my dream are coming back to me, but some how my middle and ring fingers on my right hand were scratched or somehow damaged. “I don’t want imperfect fingers,” I told myself, so I grabbed a pair of scissors and cut off those two fingers at the palm. This created an imbalance between the left and right hands so I did the same to my left hand (You can still handle the scissors with only Pointer and Thumbkin, dontcha know). The “stumps” didn’t bleed.

I had two permanent “I Love You’s.”

“They’ll grow back in a few months,” I told myself. “Fingers do grow back, don’t they?,” I asked a friend whose identify has slipped my mind. “They’re just like salamander tails, right?” The faceless friend quickly Googled fingers and found out that no, they aren’t anything like salamander tails and they do not grow back.


Then I woke up frantically counted my fingers and lo and behold I had all ten! Then I feel asleep and it happened all over again. Until 7-stinkin‘ a.m.

So, what does it mean that I cut off my fingers? Internet sources aren’t necessarily golden, but here’s what it offers:

To dream that your fingers are injured or have been chopped off suggests that you are letting a situation dominate you or dictate how you behave. You may be literally losing your grip on life.


To dream that your fingers are cut clean off, you will lose wealth and a legacy by the intervention of enemies.


A lost or missing finger predicts legal troubles concerning money matters.

Interesting. But what about the scissors?

Dreaming that you are using scissors indicates decisiveness and control in your waking life. Alternatively, it may suggests that you need to get rid of something in your life. It also represents your ability to cut things or people out of your life.


Dreaming of scissors is not a good sign. Cutting with scissors means an impending separation with a love partner, or end of a relationship.

Apparently, I’m losing my grip on life. My circumstances control me. My enemies will steal away my wealth and legacy and then I’m going have legal troubles on top of that.

Then again, according to the scissors, I am decisive and have control over my situation. I have the ability to cut people out of my life and end my relationship with them, presumably the jerks that are going to steal my wealth and legacy.

Stupid dream, which is it? You can’t have it both ways!

Next time I have a contradictory dream, I’m going to give my subconscious The Finger. Assuming I have it.


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