Pardon my French

Yeah, it’s in poor taste, but at least it’s not as cliched as “Arm, Leg, Firstborn.”

Pardon my French, but WHAT THE #$^%?????

Even as gas prices tick north of $4 a gallon, what do the geniuses in Washington do? They propose raising the federal gas tax from 18.4 cents a gallon to 24.3. That’s right. I’m having to budget four months ahead so I know I have the $$ to drive back home after Thanksgiving, and those brain-dead morons think the “solution” is to have me pay another dime per gallon straight into the federal coffers. It’s little wonder their approval rating is only 14 percent (President Bush’s approval rating, interestingly, is 29 percent.) This just proves that neither party has a monopoly on stupid.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of the Interstate Highway System and I thoroughly enjoy safe airports and flashing lights and barriers at rail road crossings. But, they were doing fine with that 18.4… what makes them think that now is the right time to increase their allowance? Considering that American’s will most likely drive less as taxes and the price per gallon rises (I know I’ve cut back and changed my driving habits), it’s conceivable that upkeep won’t even be necessary!

I don’t know how much more the American People will take, but I do know this: We got so pissed off at taxes on our tea we started a freakin’ war and became a super power. I don’t want to see what we’d do over gasoline., but if anyone wants to start throwing OPEC execs overboard, send me a memo.

Why can’t we all shut up and agree to drill here, drill now (and pay less)?

In the words of The Great Philosopher, AAUGH!


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