Let Them Eat Cake!

Last year, to celebrate my sister’s homecoming from eight weeks in Africa, I arranged to surprise her in the airport in Washington, D.C. just after she went through customs.

How was I going to top that this summer? By watching too much Food Network, that’s how. Weeks before Kelly’s return I joked to my mom that I was going to go all Ace of Cakes and bake a Welcome Home Cake. She thought I was kidding right up until the moment I started assembling the ingredients for fondant the night before Kelly’s arrival.

The cake itself was two layers of chocolate cake cut into the profile of Oklahoma, iced (more or less), covered in homemade green fondant, then topped with “Welcome Home!” and four elephants (to represent our family and Malawi).

Sure, it’s not Duff quality, but it’s pretty good for my first effort! Kelly was definitely surprised, and I was more than a little bit proud of myself. The cake was also quite yummy.

State Fair, here I come!

More cakes pix here!


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