Be Like Judy!

It’s autumn of a year divisible by four, and that means that once again, Puff Daddy is threatening to pop a cap in my derrier. Sheesh, at least his “Vote or Die” campaign is 10x more subtle that this star-studded PSA wannabe.

Seriously, this will probably the longest 4 minutes and 45 seconds of your life. OK, I’ll concede that Courtney Cox’s joke at the 3:52 mark is a little clever, but overall this is a good 4 minutes and 30 seconds too long. Leonardo DiCaprio even admits it’s long and boring.

If Mr. Combs’ threats don’t make you want to participate in our democracy (never mind the issues), what are the odds that you’ll be swayed by Forrest Whitaker and Eric from Entourage? Personally, I know that I was on the fence until Giovanni Ribisi swooped in with that zinger. Et tu, Giovanni? Et tu?

Voter registration is a noble cause and certainly I don’t begrudge famous people their right to an opinion. I also do not think they should have to keep silent on issues although Sean Penn does need to keep his big fat trap shut. That said, I really do hope people are not making history in this election simply because Sarah Silverman can do a neat party trick and Jonah Hill (for the second time in his life) is mildly funny. You’ll notice Republicans like Chuck Norris were not represented in the video. Why? They’re probably out beating up terrorists and dolling out justice Texas-style, but that’s beside the point.

I can just see some stoner sitting there: “I’ve been ignoring Diddy’s death threats for years, and putting off registering to vote simply because I hate jury duty, but Dustin Hoffman told me to be like Judy!”

I’m also a little disappointed that Google is associating itself with a particular political ideology. I like my search engines to be search engines. Maybe Puffy should google “weapons AND polling place AND felony.”

Final thought: What do you think the odds are that every one those celebs will actually vote?

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