Ay Chihuahua!

Up until now I’ve not let this economy thing get me down. I’m not worried about my retirement account. “Things will eventually pick up,” I tell myself. There’s no reason to panic. The sun will rise and the Earth is going to keep right on spinnin’. Well, ladies and gentlemen, there is now an official reason to panic.

Instead of jumping out of Wall Street windows like the good old days, day traders and stock brokers are going to see Beverly Hills Chihuahua. I kid you not, things are getting that bad. I’m not sure which is worse: suicide by pavement or self-inflicted torture. Then again, if you’re willingly buying a ticket to see this movie, you may already be dead inside.

From CNN

“Beverly Hills Chihuahua” is the only light comedy in a market heavy on drama. Chuck Viane, Disney’s head of distribution, said movie-goers may be turning to the perky pooch to help forget the market free-fall on Wall Street.

“This is only word-of-mouth coming back to us from theaters. I don’t have any statistical proof. But they’re telling us we’re getting more unaccompanied-by-children adults coming on their own. They’re looking for a little entertainment,” Viane said.

Why isn’t the government doing anything to stop this?


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