Daniel Stern was also awesome in "Rookie of the Year"

As previously mentioned, earlier this week I was heartbroken to be turned away by the locked doors and dimmed lights of the International Bowling Hall of Fame and Museum. Not to be denied, I called this morning to confirm their hours and casually let the receptionist know I peeved they’d closed early. According the nice recorded voice on the other end of the line, they’re only open Thursday through Sunday. Mind you, that’s just for the month of October. November through September their open six days a week. Bowling Fail.

(Honestly, I’m just in it for the postcards. I know. I’m sick.)

As I Googled around looking for the above photo (it’s not stealing if you provide a link… at least that’s what I tell myself), I came across the following entry by a fellow blogger.

The lobby used to house a large Bowling Ball, also, that patrons could roll around, but according to the first receptionist I talked with, it took up too much space. Located right across the street from Bush stadium, the Bowling Museum is housed in the same building as the Cardinals Hall of Fame, so you get two, two, two sports in one!


  • Wow, and I thought I had a comma problem.
  • Who knew that “Bowling Ball” was a proper noun.
  • It’s Busch Stadium. Think beer, not president.
  • It’s totally unrelated, but a random episode of The Wonder Years just popped into my head. It was one of the later episodes when Kevin stopped being a cute little boy. How cool is Daniel Stern?

The pins are all different sizes, suspended from the ceiling in the entrance atrium. From the balcony you get a great perspective on the prominant pins, cascading down into the gift area. In the depths of the museum you’ll also find a Bowling Pin car, made on the frame of a 1936 Studebaker.

  • I’m in no position to pick on any one’s spelling or aversion to spell check, so I’ll give “prominant” a pass.
  • You could get the same “perspective” on bowling pins at your local alley.

The largest leading pin is approximately 20′ long, fiberglass over a lightweight frame. The nice man at the counter during the early-morning waiting sessions described having to paint the monsters, filling in cracks and trying to reach up and over the monsterous swaying things to apply fresh paint… not a job for the timid.

  • I am so so mad I missed out on one of those “early-morning waiting sessions.” There’s nothing like the thrill you get when you get up before the sun rise for a good ol’ fashioned wait.

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