Seurat Would Be Proud

I am nothing if not on the cutting edge of the ever-evolving artistic landscape. With that in mind, I present to you a new avant garde genre of art: Bubblefiti.

Bubblefiti (bubbles + graffiti) is an organic and totally original technique (though it does bear some resemblance to pointillism, and there’s a wee bit of chromoluminarism tossed in for good measure). It was pioneered by my father (as he doodled on the paper covering our table at Garfield’s this Christmas), but my sister and I have taken it to a new level and created the definitive works of the method.

What, exactly, is Bubblefiti and how can you, the faithful reader, hitch a ride on this unstoppable freight train straight to artistic excellence? It’s easy. You take a crayon and draw a few tiny bubbles (Kelly says they’re actually called “grubbles”). Then you pick up a different crayon and draw a few more. It’s that simple! And it’s that’s fun!

It’s even better if you can trade canvasses (posterboard or postcards cut from said posterboard) with someone (say, your sister), and let the other artistic genius riff on what you’ve just created and vice versa. With some free time and freely flowing creative juices, you just might be lucky enough to come up with what the good folks at the Louvre are calling “the most important event in art to come out of Brian’s basement this century.”

The other fun thing is that when you create such masterpeices, you get to give them artsy-fartsy names. For example, we christened the posterboard piece above “Simian’s Summit.” Other names in our collections (links below) include Macro, Interrogative, (Polychromasia)(Polychromasia)(Polychromasia), 120/80, Aurelia, Cheshire, Unlimited Nights and Weekends, Rx, Darn the Torpedoes, Garbanzo and McFerrin.

And yes, we are accepting commissions and orders. Vive le Bubblefiti!

Bubblefiti Collection 1
Bubblefiti Collection 2


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