Re: My Car

Date: 2.14.09
To: The Two Little Old Ladies I “Met” Yesterday
From: Brian
Re: My Car

Dear Ma’am(s):
Thank you for your recent compliments regarding my car. I assure you that when I was car shopping, I was looking for something that would appeal to your exact demographic. Little Old Lady #1, it thrilled my soul to no end when you rolled down your window at the drive-through and motioned for me to do the same. I thought maybe you were trying to tell me I had a flat tire or something but no, you just wanted to tell me I had an awesome whip and lay to rest any lingering doubts that it was indeed a chick magnet. Little Old Lady #2, I blush when I think you took time out from returning your shopping cart to the Wal-Mart cart corrall to tell me I had a sweet ride. I had just about come down from yesterday’s high and you picked me right back up. Thanks again!

– Brian

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