OK This isn’t Funny. Seriously, Who Rigged my Results?

From the files of Everyone Intelligent Seems to Hate it But I Enjoy it Anyway, I present Google Brian. I’m not sure where/why/how this meme flowered into being, it’s at least twice as good as the iTunes shuffle thing but still not quite up to the level of 25 Things. Just Google “[your first name] needs” and see what “you” well, need.

Apparently, the aggregate wisdom of the Internet believes that I need the following:

  • Brian needs to work out
  • Brian needs a new Mac
  • Brian needs a new job
  • Brian needs your vote
  • Brian needs food, badly
  • Brian needs a theme song
  • Brian needs a new ride, son
  • Brian needs the security of a family
  • Brian needs a break from marketing
  • Brian needs a lesson in humility

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