Oh Noes!

Back when I was a young journalist and full of pluck (a three-and-a-half week stretch in 1999), I really enjoyed CNN. I liked the news ticker that crawled across the bottom of the screen and for some reason I was really impressed by Larry King. The idea that you didn’t have wait until 10:02 that night to learn of the goings on of the world was still pretty novel and I was impressed that they were able to go steady, 24 hours a day. As the news industry as progressed, CNN.com has become of many sites I hit to stay informed. But CNN is beginning to abuse the privilege.

Their top story has the following, earth-shattering headline: 21 polo horses die in South Florida! Now, I like horsies just as much as the next guy (they taste delicious!) but by what stretch of the imagination is this the most important news item of the day? I guess it’s only right that a far less important story like Iran to allow appeal for US journalist convicted as spy be listed 13th on the page.

Come on, Ted Turner. Snap out of it.


One response to “Oh Noes!

  1. I just awarded you on my blog! Pass it on! http://unicornchowder.blogspot.com/2009/04/my-first-award.html

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