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Bye-Bye, GM

gm_general_motors_logoI loved my Camaro while I was at OBU and I love my Monte Carlo SS now. I’ve always thought GM made good, quality automobiles. My dad owns an Impala and my sister just upgraded from a Chevy Cavalier to a Pontiac G6. But I will never buy a GM product after today. Continue reading



HammerTimeThis took me a few seconds to “get” but once I did, AWESOME.

Arrested Development

It’s been a lean TV month.

About a three weeks ago, my TV went blank. A call to Dish Network confirmed that I had lost my signal (duh) and they had to send a technician out and that will be $35.

Yes, you will send a technician out, but no, it sure as heck will not be $35. It’ll be free and come to think of it, you’ll be thanking me for the privilege of being invited into my home. Continue reading


botus big

Not a bad trio of graphics from a guy who doesn't have Photoshop

I’m actually a little sad that I pulled the trigger on BrianOn so soon. Sure, it’s OK, but it’s only a B- idea. Now, BOTUS (Brian of the United States, as oppossed to SCOTUS or POTUS)… that would have been a good idea.

Old Blood and Guts

PATTON VOOR HISTORY PAGINAIf everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.

– Gen. George S. Patton

Man I love The Onion

This is just another reason to love The Onion (and an excellent companion to the previous report on one man’s futile attempts to negotiate with the influential Attractive Girls Union). Continue reading



No, he is not the new Freddie. There will never be a new Freddie. If this comes to pass, I will officially renounce my membership in the Queen fanclub. At least Paul Rogers had a long history of rocking. Gah. It’s a sad day when KISS’s Gene Simmons is the voice of reason and restraint.