What did you do yesterday afternoon? Hmmph. That’s nice. What did I do? Oh not much. I just SAVED HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION, that’s all.

A scant 12 minutes before 14:00 hours, I got a call from my friend Chris at the Baptist Building. He was doing sound for a the commencement ceremony for LPA (Lighthouse Preparatory Academy, a local Christian school, and NOT Little People of America). They had rented out our ballroom (how many Baptist organizations can say they have a ballroom?) and there was a problem. One of the five graduates (it’s the school’s first year… give them a break!) had forgotten his diploma folder thing at home and had nothing to walk with!

Normally this wouldn’t seem like the end of the world but they were panicking and in need of a diploma. Chris called on the off chance that I had one in my office downstairs. I did not, but I had my OBU folder upstairs and needed to run to the office anyway, so I sprinted out the door and raced to save Graduation (while still obeying all posted speed limits, thank you very much).

I got there just as Pomp and Circumstance began pomping and circumstancing and handed the folder to “Daniel” and helpfully suggested he turn it backwards so the gold foil stamp “OKLAHOMA BAPTIST UNIVERSITY” didn’t show. It turns out that I actually know Daniel. He’s the score keeper at Sunday Night Hockey. It’s a small world after all.

Since there were only five graduates and I figured it would be pretty short, I went ahead and stayed for the ceremony. Plus they had cake! In case you were wondering, no, there was no photo montage set to Good Riddance. There was, however, a off-key duet of Friends are Friends Forever.

And that, boys and girls, is the story of how Uncle Brian’s OBU diploma graduated high school.


One response to “Congratulations!

  1. This doesn’t really pertain to this post, but I stumbled across your blog a few months ago and I just wanted to tell you that I LOVE reading it. You are hilarious and I intend to give myself a 30×30 list (although I too am starting it a bit late at 25 4/12ths old!)

    Thanks for keeping me entertained!

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