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This Is By Far the Coolest Michael Jackson “Tribute”


Stupid Lucky Japan


billy maysIt says something very interesting about our consumer culture that I’m more upset about Billy Mays‘s death (yes, the s’s is correct… look it up!) than Michael Jackson’s. Not that I’m shedding buckets of tears for either of them. But at least Billy didn’t give me nightmares. As much.

Happy to Birthday to Me! And Jim Varney!

FYI, don't do a google images search for "27th birthday"

FYI, don't do a Google images search for"27th birthday"

The Brotherhood of those born on June 15:

  • Me (1982)
  • Neil PatrickĀ  Harris (1973)
  • Andy Pettite (1972)
  • Leah Remini (1970)
  • Ice Cube (1969)
  • Courtney Cox (1964)
  • Helen Hunt (1963)
  • Wade Boggs (1958)
  • Jim Belushi (1954)
  • Jim Varney (1949)
  • Waylon Jennings (1937)
  • Mario Cuomo (1932)

Yes, I Fully Appreciate the Irony

Stolen from the always witty

Stolen from the always witty

I pulled the plug on my Internet connection 12 days ago. It’s been a painful detox. It was especially painful before Dish Network finally got their act together and restored my satellite service. It’s amazing just how long the 5:15-to-bedtime stretch is when you don’t have electronic stimuli. Continue reading

Happy Birthday

25 years ago this week, Tetris was born. Way to go, Russia!


A follow up to this post. The guy at :38 and :56 is awesome.