Viva Mexico!

DSCF7994I made it back, safe and sound! I know all 2.5 of my readers were wondering.

San Felipe was awesome (just as it was last year). The kids from Dewey were awesome too. If I had a youth group as good as theirs when I was a young ‘un, we could have moved mountains. The Bible School they hosted (along with some awesome people from Iglesia del Divino Redentor in Leon) was a rip-roaring success.

You can see all the pics here: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5. (If you’re super bored, you can see last year’s pics of pretty much the exact same thing: part 1, part 2, part 3.)

A lot happened, and I could talk for hours, but here are a few notes:

  • The nation of Mexico is still in deep mourning over the loss of Michael Jackson. We ate at least four meals to an MJ soundtrack.
  • If you order a sausage pizza in Mexico, you get a cheese pizza topped with sliced hot dogs.
  • I had one of the Dewey girls convinced that when you cross the border, the day changes. It may be Saturday in Oklahoma, but once you cross into Mexico it becomes Thursday. It has something to do with the treaty that ended the war between Mexico and Texas. I don’t remember all the details.
  • In this part of Mexico (I can’t vouch for the whole country), you don’t flush the toilet paper. It goes in the waste basket.
  • Pollo Feliz is the best restaurant on the planet. Muy sabroso!
  • It’s funny how stereotypical some things are, especially in sleepy little towns like San Felipe. When you’re driving through the tiny alleys it’s almost like you’re in a cartoon. It’s like, come on little old lady, don’t buy your tacos from that sketchy cart pulled by a burro while a strolling mariachi band plays in the background. Don’t you know that stereotype is offensive and harmful to Mexicans?
  • Seriously though, the hole-in-the-wall taco joints are amazing. Soft corn tortillas, a little shredded beef, some cilantro, onion and a little lime… yum!
  • Despite my fears that I would melt (it’s Mexico in July!), it was a breezy 76 degrees most of the time.
  • I know a whole lot more Spanish than I thought, including these two phrases I taught to the Dewey kids: verdad eso (true dat) and palabra a tu madre (word to your mother).
  • When traveling abroad (even though Mexico is a close neighbor), it’s important to remember that your way of doing things may not be the best way. That said, I think the US deserves props for inventing ice in beverages and free refills. If San Felipe can get those two things down, I could be happy there forever.

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