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Picture1First Michael Jackson, then Billy Mays, now the final blow: Reading Rainbow is dead. Continue reading


Soul Mate

DSCF8428I received a new postcard this afternoon from The Netherlands.

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Inglourious Bunnies, 3.5/5


Quentin Tarantino’s latest movie presents a conundrum for this reviewer. Its title features a word that I’m not completely thrilled with typing. It’s not that it’s a “bad” word per se, but it’s not something I enjoy saying and it’s certainly not a word I’d say in my grandmother’s presence, so I don’t see much reason to type it out and save it for all posterity. You might be asking yourself how I can rationalize being prudish when it comes to speaking/typing, but have no problem seeing this and other rated R movies, movies that have much much worse language than the occasional “B word.” Well, the answer is shut up, I just can. So without further ado, I present my review of Inglourious BastBunnies. Inglourious Bunnies. (Fun exercise: Imagine me going to the theater and asking for a matinee ticket to Bunnies.) Continue reading

The Hangover 4/5

the-hangoverRated R. Click here to watch the trailer.

(It’s about two months overdue. I’m sorry.)

Instead of the traditional movie review, let’s just compare and contrast the bachelor party for my buddy Luis with the movie The Hangover (which I just happened to see with Luis). Continue reading

362… That’s Respectable

icon_facebookWhat can you tell about a person based on their Facebook profile? According to Friendship Stats:

  • I have 123 friends
  • That’s 3 more than average
  • 47 percent are male
  • 53 percent are female Continue reading

We Need Reform, and We Need it Now

3b8c63aa10efe-82-1There’s been a lot of talk about reform lately, and up until yesterday, I honestly haven’t been too interested. My employer takes care of me, why should I get all worked up? It’s easy to say “I’m young and (relatively) healthy… I don’t have a dog in this fight.” It wasn’t until yesterday that I realized we’re each only a breath away from being thrust headfirst into the heart of the debate. I normally ascribe to the “less is more” theory of government, but now I’m wholeheartedly behind a public option. The system we currently have is broken, and Congress needs to act for the good of our great republic. Continue reading

I’m a Horrible, Horrible Person

Photo_081909_002Why am I a horrible person? Because when I saw this woman at the post office, I stopped to take a picture before tapping her on the shoulder to  tell her of her “issue.” May God have mercy on my soul.