The Hangover 4/5

the-hangoverRated R. Click here to watch the trailer.

(It’s about two months overdue. I’m sorry.)

Instead of the traditional movie review, let’s just compare and contrast the bachelor party for my buddy Luis with the movie The Hangover (which I just happened to see with Luis).

The Hangover:
Vegas, Baby!

Luis’s Bachelor Party: St. Louis

The Hangover:
A sleazy teacher (Bradley Cooper), a whipped dentist (Ed Helms) and goof-off brother of the bride (Zach Galafianakis) “misplace” the groom two days before the wedding. Hungover and with nothing but a live chicken and a human tooth as clues, they must figure out what happens and find their pal and get him to the church on time.

Luis’s Bachelor Party: Tux fitting at 10 a.m., lunch at 11:30, go-karts/batting cages/mini-golf at 1:15, dinner at 5:30, Party Bus leaves at 9 p.m. I was a party pooper at left at 8.

Missing persons
The Hangover: Hapless groom-to-be Justin Bartha disappears

Luis’s Bachelor Party: Luis disappeared into the bathroom for a  few minutes after lunch, but I never really got concerned.

Supporting cast:
The Hangover
: Ed Helms stepped it up a notch from his previous film outings. If this doesn’t make Zach Galafianakis a star, I don’t know what will. As for Bradley Cooper, he’s a Will Arnett wannabe.

Luis’s Bachelor Party: A 20-man team of law students, med students and professionals. I was the least educated man there.

The Hangover
:  A surprisingly touching (and hairy) Zack Galafianakis finds one as he stumbles into the bathroom. Ed Helms write a lovely ballad about it. As it turns out, the tiger belongs to Mike Tyson (who also sings).

Luis’s Bachelor Party: None, that I’m aware of.

Wicked sun burns
The Hangover: Yes.

Luis’s Bachelor Party: Yes. If you’re bald, be sure to wear a hat when in the sun.

Accidental roofies
The Hangover: Yes.

Luis’s Bachelor Party: No, but after I left there was the Party Bus, which is more or less a rolling roofie. There were more than likely some cloudy memories the next morning.

Miniature Golf
The Hangover: Sadly, no.

Luis’s Bachelor Party: Yep!

Stolen Cop Cars
The Hangover
: Yes.

Luis’s Bachelor Party: No. Although there were many traffic violations during the go-karting.

Naked Asian Men:
The Hangover: Yes. And to think Ken Jeong was an actual medical doctor before breaking into the acting biz with Knocked Up.

Luis’s Bachelor Party: No. We had one Asian, but he was fully clothed the whole time.

600 Chicken Wings
The Hangover:
No, and it’s a crying shame.

Luis’s Bachelor Party: You bet your sweet bippy!

Babies Named Carlos
The Hangover: Yes. This was Luis’s favorite part.

Luis’s Bachelor Party: No, but it wasn’t for lack of trying. It’s remarkably hard to rent a baby on such short notice.

Hookers “Escorts” with a Heart of Gold
The Hangover: Yes, played by the adorable Heather Graham. She has a crush on Ed Helm’s dentist. I have a crush on her.

Luis’s Bachelor Party: No, but like I said, I left before the Party Bus got going.

Male Bonding:
The Hangover: Yep. A surprising amount, even though one of them was missing for 90 percent of the movie.
Luis’s Bachelor Party: You bet.

Crude yet very entertaining?
The Hangover
: Yeah. It’s rated R for a reason, so be warned. But it’s very very consistent and very very funny. Unlike a lot of movies, the funniest parts are not in the trailer. It’s less Apatow (not that that’s a bad thing), and more Old School. That makes sense, because Todd Phillips directed them both.

Luis’s Bachelor Party: The parts I saw were actually pretty PG. But you’ve got to take that Party Bus into account.

Does the Groom make it to the chapel on time?
The Hangover:
That would kind of ruin the movie now, wouldn’t it?

Luis’s Bachelor Party: Of course.


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