Monthly Archives: September 2009

Just a Few Blocks from My Office


There was some excitement yesterday in the sleepy little hamlet of Jefferson City. From the JC News-Tribune:

Local man arrested in Oklahoma for shootings

JEFFERSON CITY  РAuthorities in Oklahoma arrested a Mid-Missouri man wanted as a suspect in a Jefferson City double homicide early Monday morning. Continue reading


That’s One Pricey Gerbil

I guess this is what happens when inflation get's out of hand.

I guess this is what happens when inflation gets out of hand.

Chicken Scratch


What you are looking at is my pathetic attempt to takes notes during a recent interview. In my defense, I only take notes because leaving everything to the recorder subconsciously makes the interview-ee think you aren’t going to get things right. Plus, scribbling furiously into a notebook makes you look very journalistic. I can do (a little) better if I know it has to be legible. Continue reading

Overheard at Lunch

pot1“It doesn’t matter how you reach the pot of gold, as long as you get there before the leprechaun.”

Must-See TV


Despite standing helpless as I watched Sam go down in the OU season opener, it was a still a pretty good long weekend, TV-wise. Continue reading