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Link Dump: Cyber Monday Edition


Muppets + Queen = Yes Please

Merry [early] Christmas!

Kindly ignore the evidence that I was Facebooking instead of working.

I just signed 74 “corporate” Christmas cards, and now my hand is cramped and tired. And not just “Brian,” either. No, I went the extra mile and put the last name in there too.

Oh well, it’ll be good practice for when throngs of adoring fans start demanding my autograph.

Mail Call!

From my friend Amy - Marietta, Georgia

Let’s see… this is my stash since… looks like about Aug. 5. I’m hoping to get to the point to where the mailman starts delivering me other peoples’ postcards simply by force of habit. Continue reading


If I ever write a halfway decent feature, you can bet it’s because the story and the people making it happen were awesome long before I ever got a hold of them. That’s definitely the case with this front-page story pasted below about a young woman who just gave her one of her kidneys to a man in Kansas.

The other interesting thing is that this marks my first tentative steps into a world I’ve previously avoided like the plague: Twitter. Continue reading

4 hours, 49 minutes

kid watching tvWow. According to the NYT, the average American spent four hours and 49 minutes a day in front of the television. I thought I was a TV junkie who was just a few season finales away from freebasing my DVR, but apparently there are a lot of people who are worse than I am. I figured up that I’m running a little less than 4 hours each day, which *gasp* means I’m below the national average. Of course, this isn’t saying anything about me as much as it is showing just how bad America is as a whole. Continue reading

‘It was a human female voice’

Jefferson City Lockdown

Photo "borrowed" from the Jeff City News Tribune.

The hostage-less hostage situation is still the talk of the town, except now we’re all referring to it as “Balloon Boy Part 2.” What a glorious age we live in!

Here’s the latest, if you’re so inclined. The story includes this awesome paragraph:

Police Capt. Doug Shoemaker was among the 60 law enforcement personnel who went into the building and actually heard an announcement over the building’s public address system, saying there was a hostage situation on the fifth floor of the building.

“It was a human female voice that was coming over the speaker,” he said.