A Sad Day


Troy Smith, the founder of Sonic – the place to fill up with a Route 44 Dr Pepper – has died. I suggest moving our straws to half… whatever it is straws do. Half depth? Anyway, he was 87 and I’m sad to see him go.

From the Oklahoman:

In 1953, Smith purchased a root beer stand on the outskirts of Shawnee that he dubbed Top Hat Drive-In. Over the next several years, Smith perfected a system of controlled parking, carhops and an innovative intercom system for taking orders. By the end of the decade, Smith renamed the franchise Sonic, playing off the business’ motto of “Service at the speed of sound.”


Smith retained close ties to Shawnee. In 2006, he and his wife, Dollie, donated $5 million toward construction of a new YMCA in the town and presented gifts to Oklahoma Baptist University there.

A toast to you and your legacy, Mr. Smith. I raise my Styrofoam cup to your honor! Here’s hoping they serve Dr Pepper in Heaven.

What am I saying. Of course they do.


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