Fall Adventure ‘09 – Day 5


Kelly took this great picture of this sculpture. We're not sure what it's called/supposed to be though. Some say cobra, others say giant uvula.

My last few hours in Nashville :-(. It’s been an absolute blast. I’m not really into big cities, but I’m digging Nashville. It’s not that hard to navigate and the traffic/parking is manageable. The food was outstanding and I appreciate that the city kept the country music at a minimum for the duration of my visit. Kelly is a great tour guide and it was great getting to see her new digs and campus. I’m very proud to be her brother! She and I play well together and we had a pretty good time being goofy and meticulously documenting the trip with photographic evidence.

I should also say a special thank you to her roommates, Julie and Stephanie, for allowing me to commandeer their couch for three days. I’m sure they think I’m insane.

For my last few hours, we tooled around campus, made lunch, observed a brief moment of silence in memory of Troy Smith and spotted random modes of air transport: airplanes, helicopters, blimps and parachutists.

My trip home was smooth and on the flight I sat next to a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs! The Chiefs had a bye this week so he came back home to Tennessee to watch his brother play against South Carolina (he had one catch for 22 yards). I didn’t want to badger him about football, especially since the Chiefs are 1-10. I leave you with two thoughts before directing you to the final picture update of the trip:

  • 6’8″ professional football players and I should never be seat neighbors on the back row of an airplane. Never.
  • Why was an NFL player flying Southwest?

Pix are here!


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