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Man, am I punny or what?

Thoughts from my recent trip to Dallas:

  • I wonder what my phone thinks when it gets powered down in Missouri and then wakes up three states away. That’s got to freak it out. Poor little guy.
  • That was not Yeardley Smith I saw in the Memphis airport. :-( . Continue reading

BBC’s Olympic Coverage > NBC’s

Link Dump: Chalky “Candy” Hearts Edition

Don’t be a Jerk

I’m flying to Dallas for some training next week. Normally, I fly Southwest where “bags fly free,” but since I’m flying out of Columbia (and more importantly on the company’s dollar) I’m heading out on Northwest. Now I see that it’s going to be $25 extra to check a bag. Don’t be a jerk, Northwest. Let my bag fly free. Continue reading

Too… Much… Cereal…

And this is just the left overs.

Link Dump: Single Ladies (in Mayberry) Edition

I’m Baskerville Itallic

Who doesn’t love a good personality quiz? Well put down that issue of Cosmo and take this “video quiz” to discover what font you are. The password is “character.” It more or less pegged me. (Via Gizmodo)