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Funny Facebook Fails


Olympic Fever and its Only Known Cure

No, I feel fine. Why do you ask?

And now for a little free association re: the Olympic Winter Games.

Several people have told me recently they just aren’t into the Olympics. They feel a little left out when others chat incessantly about Olympic Fever. But they shouldn’t feel bad. Because if there’s anything more American than getting worked into a frenzy over alpine skiing for a three-week period once every four years, it’s not getting worked into a frenzy over alpine skiing for a three-week period once every four years. You people are the sane ones among us. Six months from now we’ll be ashamed that we were once passionately debating if we could trust Bode Miller to not be a complete jerk, whether or not Lindsay Vonn should’ve posed for Sports Illustrated or just how stupid Apolo Anton Ohno’s soul patch really is AAAAAAAA I JUST WANT TO RIP OFF HIS SPEED SKATES AND USE THEM TO SHAVE OFF THAT STUPID STUPID SOUL PATCH FOR THE LOVE OF PETE OH IT JUST DRIVES ME INSANE and you’ll be sitting back laughing at us. But even if you don’t have Olympic Fever, you can read my analysis and get caught up on what you’ve been missing. Continue reading

Link Dump: Coolest Thing Ever

(via Gizmodo)

Mail Call 3.0

From Ja - Yokohama, Japan

Here’s a look at what’s been piling up in my mail box lately (Thanksgiving through yesterday). I’ve really cut back on my sending since the fall, so that means I’m receiving a lot less too. Feel free to send me a card to add to my collection. I’ll probably send you one back :-). (You can see previous Mail Calls here and here.) Continue reading

Velvet Hippies

It’s not uncommon for companies to send me promotional copies of Christian CDs or books in the hopes that we’ll give them some free publicity. But this morning’s arrival of MercyMe’s new single, The Generous Mr. Lovewell, kinda weirds me out. First of all, what’s “the media collective”? It sounds like a hippie version of Skynet. Non-standard, extra large typeface in business correspondence? That’s strike two. And finally, who gives their daughter a name like Velvet? Oh wait, that’s right: HIPPIES.


  • I still don’t understand Twitter’s apparent usefulness and/or value, but this Venn Diagram is helping. Sadly, this blog does not have a Twitter Feed, enabling me to keep up with its every move. BTW: For my money, Facebook is the much more effective tool in the stalker’s repertoire.
  • This Old Spice commercial is all kinds of brilliant. It works on several levels. Specifically, it makes men jealous that this good-looking, good-smelling man on a horse is talking to our woman, offering her diamonds and tickets, and asking her to compare us with him. Plus, he’s on a horse. Must. Buy. Old Spice.
  • I need to add this bullet-proof polo shirt to my birthday list. I’ve always wanted to wear the same shirts as a ruthless Venezuelan dictator!
  • What happened to Silent Bob is my secret fear. Stay strong, Brother. Stay strong. FREE SILENT BOB! FREE SILENT BOB! Actually, I just feel really sorry for the flight attendant who has to break the news.
  • For those of you who think soap is too germy and it isn’t getting your hands clean enough.
  • How has it taken Mankind this long to invent the ping pong table door?
  • Mario’s online dating profile. The best part is that under for ethnicity, he put “plumber.” Oh, and he’s Catholic.

Link Dump: Tom Selleck, Sandwich and Waterfalls Edition

  • I would rehash all the Super Bowl Commercials, but I’ll just let the pros do it. I will say, however, that I was very underwhelmed with the Tebow ad. Maybe that was their strategy… to build lots of buzz then be as bland as possible. And why did he tackle his mother? He’s not a linebacker. And I liked the eTrade  ad, if only because they called out a promiscuous infant: “That milkaholic Lindsay.”