Roses are Red, My Tires are Black

Roses are red
My tires are black
My front tire blew out
Stupid nail (maybe tack)

I turned on my hazards
I pulled over quick
The tire was ruined
My stomach was sick

The night was cold
The pavement was hard
My hands got muddy
My clean slacks? Marred

Most people drove by
One good Samaritan stopped
To him I say thank you
I give you your props

The spare is now on
My car’s up and rollin’
Time to shop for new tires
Open the wallet and start dolin’

I know where to get them cheap
But I’m too ashamed to go
He told me last month to replace them
But I laughed and said “No”

Turns out he was right
Yours truly was wrong
I was driving on borrowed time
And that time was not long

So here’s the lesson
Please learn from my tale:
God has a sense of humor
For goodness sake, don’t be too cheap to buy new tires when you need ‘em. And take a few minutes to ensure your tires are in decent shape. It’s not hard and it only takes like 2 minutes our of your busy schedule. You can get a tire pressure gauge for like 99 cents at Wal-Mart. And it’s not just a safety issue. Poorly maintained tires will wear out quickly, cause poor gas mileage and reduce the comfort of your ride. And while we’re at it: Stay in school, crack is whack and don’t be stingy when it comes time to tip your waiters and waitresses. They work hard for very little thanks or pay.

You’re welcome.


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