World’s Oldest Hot Dog

One of the cool things about WordPress (the platform I use for this site) is that it tells you how people stumble upon your site just randomly surfing the Net. Here are a few of the search terms that led them to BrianOn:

What does this tell you? I don’t know. Evidently a lot of people out there are looking for reviews from non-traditional sites. And at least two people are curious about really old meat products.

WordPress also tells you which sites out there are linking to you. I’ve gotten quite a few clicks from a friend’s blog, and more than you’d expect from a woman in St. Louis who just stumbled onto my site one day (hi, Meg!). Of course I get clicks from Facebook and my postcard buddies, but I’ve also gotten hits from around the web (here, here and here). Then there was the glorious day I somehow got linked to CNN’s site. I’m not sure how that happened, especially since I can’t find the link on that site now.

Of course my crowning achievement came the day I was “featured” on Gizmodo for my stunning photographic documentation of a deep fried hot dog (my shot is about 3/4 the way down). Bleh, that picture makes the hot dot seem even worse than it actually was (and it was quite bad in person without the harsh light of a flash). It looks so shriveled and old. Really old, in fact. Perhaps old enough to be… THE WORLD’S OLDEST HOT DOG!

But now that I think about it, that Gizmodo “gallery” didn’t link to anything. Still no idea how or why that old hot dog guy got here. If you’re really needing a BrianOn hot dog fix, this little guy is going to have to do. Of course, that hot dog looks pretty young.

(BTW, I make no guarantees about the sites above. Some of them are weird.)


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