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Happy [early] Birthday

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Although today is my 28th birthday, I celebrated a few days early with my terrific friends at a great restaurant called Grains about 30 miles west in Linn, MO. A good time was had by all!


What do Brian and the Rapper Ice Cube have in Common?

The Brotherhood of Those Born on June 15:

30×30 update

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Another birthday, another year wiser/older and another opportunity to check in on my 30×30 list. I’ve actually made some significant progress without even trying. Out of the original 30, I knocked out eight in the past 12 months. and have six more in the works. Actually, it’s conceivable I could knock out 20 of the 30 by the end of the year. Of course, a list like this is purely arbitrary; it won’t be like my first 30 years of life will be a failure if I don’t make it. It’s just nice to have goals and ideas to work toward.
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Dispatch from the Sunshine State #2

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After the sunburns and draining humidity of yesterday, today was a day to relax, take a ride down the highway, see some sights and you guessed it, experience some more draining humidity. Continue reading

Dispatch from the Sunshine State #1

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It’s true that time flies when you’re having fun, and the last two and half days have been a blur.

I landed in Orlando and due to a series of mix ups at the Hertz rental counter, I went from a compact car for $19 a a day to a Mustang Convertible for the same price to, ah what the heck, we’ll give you a Camaro. Aw shucks. Continue reading