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Mail Call: Monkeys with Carnations, Bridge Trivia and the Battle of Blue Licks

From Ryan - Redondo Beach, Calif. (There's an explanation as to why he circled a "hooker," but it's a long one.)

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New and Improved!

This week I read some more of Mark while we wrapped up Numbers and moved into Deuteronomy. Again, this isn’t meant to be an expository examination of the Scriptures. It’s just a record of where my mind went as I was reading. The jumping off point is Mark 10: Continue reading

Shakespeare or The Bible? or, A Shout Out to the German Class I Never Took

One of the sad realities of modern Christianity is that the very people who claim to love “The Good Book” and live by it have very little idea of what’s actually in it. Pop quiz: is “Apple of his eye” from God’s Holy Word or Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew? Is “Eat, drink and be merry” from The Bible or Hamlet? Continue reading