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Turning Water into Wine and Wine into Water

Last month, I came face-to-face with a deep spiritual crisis whilst staring at a tiny cup of grape juice. I was reminded of this crisis this morning as I read Luke 22: Continue reading


Dear Deer: An Open Letter to the Hooved Son of a Biscuit that Maliciously and Without Provocation Attacked my Car

Actual artist’s rendering of the offending animal

Dear Deer,

Hey dude! ‘Sup you lucky little white-tailed snot?

I’m sorry, that was rude. I shouldn’t be like that. But you know what else is rude? Trying to merge oneself into someone’s mode of transportation. Without any provocation. What have I ever done to you, Mr. Deer? Have I ever gone hunting? Do I own a rifle? Do I enjoy venison sausage? Didn’t I shed a tear while watching Bambi?

No, no, no and yes. Continue reading


30×30 Update

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It’s been a busy summer when it comes to my famed 30×30 list. Right now I’m sitting at 12 completed, eight in progress and ten still left to tackle. Here are the ones I’ve made progress on since we last spoke about it.

3. Go a month drinking only water STATUS: COMPLETE! Continue reading