30×30 Update

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It’s been a busy summer when it comes to my famed 30×30 list. Right now I’m sitting at 12 completed, eight in progress and ten still left to tackle. Here are the ones I’ve made progress on since we last spoke about it.

3. Go a month drinking only water STATUS: COMPLETE!
It was harder than I thought, I’m not going to lie. The siren song of Sonic’s Route 44 Diet Dr Pepper almost did me in on road trips to St.Louis, but I stood strong. The major breakthrough on the water-only front was when I realized could actually go to Sonic and order a Route 44 water. It’s only 43 cents, which is way cheaper than bottled, plus you get Sonic ice (score!) and the psychological comfort that comes with a Styrofoam cup and straw. Now you know!

9. Learn to enjoy salad STATUS: COMPLETE!
I’m declaring this one complete because I ate four salads this summer and nobody was holding a gun to my head as I ate. What more do you want?

10. Develop a recipe for Brian’s Famous _______ STATUS: COMPLETE! SORT OF!
Megan tells me my stromboli fits the bill, even though I stole the recipe from my sister whole in turn learned it while in Malawi (because nothing says delicious Italian-sounding food like sub-Saharan Africa). In the end, I decided that if I leave out one barely perceptible spice and add in a substitute of my own choosing, it counts.

11. See Paul McCartney in concert STATUS: COMPLETE
And it was awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome

23. Vote in a Primary Election STATUS: COMPLETE
Mike Kehoe, you’re welcome.



One response to “30×30 Update

  1. Congrats! Now we have to find a few more on that list to conquer! You will be done before you know it!

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