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You Know What I Like? Part Deux

You know what I like? I like the Swedish Chef. Bork bork bork! Click on over to the “Dialectizer” to translate any text into Swedish Chef. Example: “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country” becomes ” Bork bork bork noo is zee teeme-a fur ell guud mee tu cume-a tu zee eeed ooff zeeur cuoontry hurty flurty schnipp schnipp.” Continue reading


You Know What I Like?

You know what I like? I like Robert’s Rules of Order. They’re just fun! It’s organized, officially and (mostly) polite arguing. I especially like it when the chairman/president have no idea what’s going on and charmingly stumble through business. It keeps things exciting. You think something is cut and dry and BAM you find our your still eight votes and 12 and a half motions away from settling the question. “What’s that? Oh, we didn’t just vote on that? I thought we did. You sure? I said “aye.” I thought that came from a committee so it didn’t need a… No, YOU’RE out of order! OK, I heard someone yell second but I have no clue who you are.” Continue reading