Facebook Cleanse

I never really call “Beginning of the Year Goals” by their more standard call sign (“Resolutions”) because it’s possible to still strive toward nebulous “goals” even after you’ve broken your ill-advised and unrealistic resolution.

One of those goals was to Facebook less, and maybe even see how long I could go without posting my ego-building drivel.

I’ve been good so far in 2011: “Hello, my name is Brian, and I’ve been clean and sober for 10 days.”

Have you missed me? Have you noticed? Are you itching to point out that you (mostly likely) came to this blog post because WordPress automatically linked to it on my newsfeed, thus ruining my self-righteous Facebook-less streak? (To you, good sir, I offer this impeccable defense: “Nuh-uh, it doesn’t count nuh-uh nuh-uh I can’t hear you nuh-uh nuh-uh.”)

Here is a brief list of some of the status updates I would have posted, had I not deleted the Facebook app from my iPhone on Dec. 31, 2010.

  • … Happy 20011!
  • … Dang it, I meant 2011. Stupid Auto-correct.
  • … Brr!!
  • … Happy Dec. 34th!
  • … It’s snowing!
  • … I still don’t “get” Katy Perry
  • …just saw “The King’s Speech” w/ Megan. Excellent! It’ll restore your confidence in your faith in leaders’ ability to restore confidence.
  • … It’s snowing!
  • … We called it a day early at work (couldn’t pick a better week to not to go work either).  How am I going to spend my Snow Day? Standing in line at the DMV, of course!

Wow. As you can clearly see, I made the right choice in taking myself “off the grid.” And no detox shakes! Bonus!

I’ve known for a few years that Facebook (at least for me) was more about narcissism than networking or gathering/dispersing actual important information, and that’s an embarrassing realization. That realization about Facebook is made worse when coupled with Facebook’s natural symbiotic and over-sharing partner in crime, an iPhone. (Even more embarrassing: my knowledge that blogging is essentially the same thing.)

We throw around the word “addiction” too much these days, and though I spent considerable time on the social network, I don’t think I even began to approach true addiction. But still, I think it’s done me some good to go cold turkey and spend some time “off-line,” so to speak. (It’s nothing as drastic as this experiment and subsequent brilliant series of articles, though this probably isn’t a terrible idea.) I haven’t had any grand epiphanies or seen my productivity shoot through the roof or anything, but sometimes is just feels nice to take a break. The only real tangible benefit is that my phones battery lasts about 50 percent longer.

What about you? Do you think you Facebook more than you like? Have you ever gone on a Facebook cleanse? Has anyone you know gone so far as to completely delete their account (I would have done so, but I feared losing one of Facebook’s greatest featured, photo sharing/tagging)?

If you answer one of the questions in  a comment comment below, I promise I’ll like it…

…I just won’t be able to click a button.


4 responses to “Facebook Cleanse

  1. Um, why didn’t I know you have a blog!?!??! Don’t you know that I LOVE and ADORE blogs???!! If you are going to be a “Betsy at the Movies” fan, then you MUST share these things with me! :) I only discovered this genius blog of yours because it posted to your FB page…and now that I’ve read it, I’m having FB self disclosure and doubting my self worth as I spend countless hours stalking others! :) Anyway…LOVE the blog. Now, I must go…for I have many, many hours ahead of me “catching” up on your posts! :)

  2. Ha, I’m genuinely honored I cam call you a reader! I’m just sorry you didn’t stumble on to me via a better post. :-)

  3. I like FB to keep an eye on my “peripheral” friends… The ones I don’t get to see often, live out of town or I don’t want to talk every day, but am nosey enough to want to know what is going on. Please don’t take away your witty comments or the Saturday “Sooner” yell. Stay on FB, for us… the little people.

  4. Brenda, it’s great to use FB as you do, but I enjoyed it for different, very selfish reasons. And, sadly, college football season is over. No more “Boomer!” until September :-(

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