Play Along: 2,011 Letters

I recently stumbled across 2011 Letters, a marvelous effort by a homeschool  family in Roanoke, Virginia to receive 2,011 letters this year. You should take 10 minutes out of your day and write ’em a quick note. Here’s what they’re asking for:

We are a homeschool family (three girls: aged 12, 14 and 16) trying to collect 2,011 letters from around the world by Dec. 31.We are using this to help us learn about others both far and near. I want to open the world to my daughters and show them that there is more to the world than what we see. I want them to learn about other cultures, other traditions, other languages, etc. I want them to learn what a textbook cannot teach them about humanity.

Admit it: You’re intrigued! Right now they’re sitting 45 letters and it’s mid-March. WE NEED TO HELP THEM PICK UP THE PACE! It looks like they’re going to need to average 7.8 letters a day (not counting Sundays) the rest of the year to hit their goal. So far in 2011, they’re averaging just barely over 1 a day. Tell your friends! Let’s get a world-wide network going! Let’s drive their mailman to the brink of exhaustion! They don’t care if they get multiple letters from the same location or even the same family, just as long as they’re separate letters from different people.

You don’t have to do anything fancy (although some of the letters they’ve posted on their blog are quite… elaborate), just write a little something about yourself or where you live. Go to their website – – if you need ideas. I included a few postcards in mine because well, it’s kinda my thing. I wanted to include something from mid-Missouri but the only two things I could think of were: anything Mizzou-related or a bottle of wine from a local winery, and those are both equally offensive to me :-).

To get their address, send an e-mail to reneealam (at)

So… are you going to play along? Let me know in the comments!


…get ready for Project Send Brian 2,012 Letters in 2012 because you’d better believe it’s coming.

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