Vegtastic Voyage: This goin’ be tough, y’all

Even though it didn't taste like fajitas or beef enchiladas, the salad was very pretty and I'm a big fan of tortilla soup.

A word of advice for those of you dipping your toes into the temporarily-vegetarian pool: Don’t start things out at a BBQ joint.

Yesterday way Day 1 of this here little experiment, and I kicked it off with a work trip to St. Louis, where my co-workers and I dined for lunch at a lovely Mexican restaurant cruelly offering half-price fajitas. I had the half salad and a bowl of tortilla soup (specifically labeled vegetarian). The temptations and torture only got worse, because we stopped for dinner at Bandana’s. I dutifully ordered a side salad, a side of green beans and a baked potato.

Megan had things a little easier. She actually used her brain and planned ahead, so she had grapes, peanuts/trail mix and a V8 for lunch and butternut squash ravioli in garlic sauce for dinner.

I’m not going to give a meal-by-meal recap every single day; just when it’s unusual or particularly difficult. Yesterday was particularly difficult. It wasn’t so much the no-meat aspect, it was the “What on earth am I going to eat at this restaurant?”

There are some resources out there, but they’re nowhere near complete and you’re pretty much up the creek without a paddle when you darken the door of a BBQ joint. Even the salad comes with meat by default.

I’m not saying dining establishments need to go out of their way to cater to short-sighted vegetarian tourist like me, but it might be worth it financially to think of at least one or two real options you could add to your menu for when the eccentric sister and brother-in-law come to visit their meat-loving in laws. I was just going to suffer with my salad and side of refried beans but the VEGETARIAN label on the soup made me shell out the extra $4.

I bought some peanut butter, V8, and some almonds last night on my way home (don’t forget Nutella for dessert!), so I should be able to make it through the day. I’m headed to a camp ground south of KC tonight, and I’m bringing my provisions with me. Tomorrow though, I need to do some serious planning.


2 responses to “Vegtastic Voyage: This goin’ be tough, y’all

  1. Go Greek. That should give you flavor without the meat. Or Indian. .spicy veggies answer

  2. You would be proud of me! I asked for the vegan plate tonight at the fundraiser! It was all steamed (or I assume steamed) veggies :)

    They weren’t too bad to be honest! I did feel bad asking for a special plate… until Chris and Corey asked for theirs especially for no mushrooms (Kallie joined the group too), so I didn’t feel so bad then!

    Hope the rations that you took to KC are keeping your mind off of meat.

    I also think Man V. Food episodes should be avoided for the time being… I’ve learned tonight they can be TORTUROUS!!!

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