Vegtastic Voyage: Smorgasbord 2.0

By far, these fake meat balls have been the best vegetarian "meat" discovery. 9/10!

We’re 21 days into this no-meat thing, and suffice it to say that it’s not been easy. Here’s some of the non-meats that have been gracing my and Megan’s tables these past three weeks:

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Ive never been a fan of actual ribs, so I didnt mind these at all. 7.5/10

Taco Bells cheezy bean and rice burrito is an excellent example of "just because its vegetarian, its not necessarily healthy."

Do you know why this picture of "sausage" is blurry? Because it tastes blurry, thats why. Not as bad as "fake-un," but close. Megan didnt think it was that bad, but I think she was just delirious.

Not great. Barely acceptable. Avoid the "Chikn" nuggets 4/10

Megan's lunch of Sweet and Sour "Chik'n." Would she try it again? "Probably not… the chik'n was mushy and didn’t have too much taste. They didn’t even try to imitate the taste of chicken too hard."

Do you think my "Vegetarian Vegetable" (isnt that redundant?) soup is trying to tell me something? Ive been eating this for lunch at work quite a bit and its pretty good, especially with that "crouton" I made from some ciabatta bread I bought at BK Bakery. I also think its funny that vegetarian soup, something I consider to be a rather grown-up choice, is only available with alphabet noodles.

McAllisters actually has pretty good vegetarian options. Megan had the Veggie Sandwich and a spud (theres some vegetarian chili under all that cheese).

I had McAllisters vegetarian chili. It was smoky and the beans provided a pretty good meaty texture.


One response to “Vegtastic Voyage: Smorgasbord 2.0

  1. Yikes…the Sweet and Sour “Chik’n looked a little questionable. I love how you spelled BEEF with your soup!

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