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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Cole County: Bed, Breakfast and Bars Finale and HP 7(2) Review

I’m not gonna lie: I’m rather proud of my illustration

In an attempt to kill two birds with one stone, here’s a combined entry on my night in Cole County Jail and my 12:01 review of Harry Potter 7 (2). Spoiler alert, they’re more alike than you might think:
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Bed, Breakfast and Bars: Last Meal

Earlier this week, I heard a radio interview with the local sheriff as he described “guests'” meals at the new Cole County Jail: “A carbohydrate, a vegetable, maybe a fruit and a meat or meat substitute.” And yet, as I prepare for my voluntary, no-crime-has-been-committed, just-for-funsies overnight in the clink,

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Bed, Breakfast and Bars: Get Busy Livin’, or Get Busy Dyin’

I called the Sheriff and he said no, I cannot bring a Rita Hayworth poster to jail.

My just-for-fun, unofficial stay in the clink is going to be barely 12 hours, but another innocent man, Andy Dufresne, served 20 years behind bars without committing the crime. OK, so The Shawshank Redemption is only a movie, but since I’m in an unjustly imprisoned kind of mood and it’s one of my all-time favorite movies, we’re going to take another look at it: Continue reading

Bed, Breakfast and Bars: Jail House Rock

To help get myself in the mood for my one-night, non-crime-related layover in the Cole County Jail (find out how you can sign up here), I’ve prepared a Goin’ to the Big House Mega Mix. Will my brief (and voluntary) stay in the pokey give me a new appreciation on these tunes? Will I write my own hit? If you think my mix is lacking, feel free to add your own: Continue reading

MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Cars 2,’ 3.5 out of 5 stars

Cars 2 is a fine movie. In fact it’s very entertaining. It’s just that there’s no magic this time around. It’s good; but coming from Pixar you just expect it to be awesome. Continue reading

Bed, Breakfast and Bars: I’m Innocent I Tell Ya!

I’m “going to jail” and I can’t tell you how excited I am! Every day for what seems like the last 10 years (it’s been right at 2), I’ve driven by the new Cole County jail lamenting that the construction has blocked off my street and debris has ruined two of my tires. But it’ll all be worth it this Friday when they open their doors for a grand opening and let John and Jane Q. Citizen spend the night in a cell free of charge (and by “free of charge” I mean that you don’t have to be charged with a crime to spend the night in jail. They actually are charging you $30 for the night)! HOW AWESOME IS THIS??
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Car Troubles and Buying Options

My beloved VW Passat (his name is Otto) is on the DL for a little while, and while I’m waiting to see if he’s worth fixing or not (doing a full-on engine transplant would seem to be out of the question), here’s a list of cars I may be shopping for in the near future:

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