Car Troubles and Buying Options

My beloved VW Passat (his name is Otto) is on the DL for a little while, and while I’m waiting to see if he’s worth fixing or not (doing a full-on engine transplant would seem to be out of the question), here’s a list of cars I may be shopping for in the near future:

It may not be ask sleek as Otto, but it is certainly eye-catching. Pro: loads of trunk space and legroom. Con: probably won't fit in my garage.

This CamAm Spyder is sporty and looks marginally safer than a 2-wheeled bike. Pro: I've ridden one before. Con: It scared my pants off.

I've always wanted a decommissioned cop car, and I think i'd prefer a Dodge Charger over a Ford Crown Vic.. Pro: V-8 American Muscle. Con: It's been driven like cop car.

Seller's Description: The CVR-T Sabre is a light tank used by British Forces in Bosnia and Kosovo up into the 1990s. It weighs approx 15,000lbs, and will easily fit in a one car garage and can be transported on a backhoe trailer using a heavy duty pickup. It is 15ft. long, 7'4" Wide and only 6'11" high. It has a gasoline-powered Jaguar J-60 4.2L Six-cylinder engine and a 7-speed transmission with an automatic clutch. It starts, stops, shifts, and runs great. CVRT's are easy and fun to drive as well as being very fast for a tracked vehicle. All periscopes are included and function. A dummy RARDEN 30mm cannon and 7.62mm Chain Gun are installed with dummy ammo as well. All proper external storage boxes are included. An intercom with headsets are installed. User manual is included as is parts sources. It has crew positions for three persons; driver, gunner and commander. Tracks are in excellent condition with rubber pads. This is the most practical real tank available for the private collector; cost, size, ease of maintenance, parts availability, transportable, and lots of fun to show and drive! Engine and gearbox are new MoD refurbished..................................Pros: pretty much everything you've read up to this point. Cons: the Machine gun is a dummy, and it costs $79,500. I wonder if he'd take $4,500.

What's that you say? It looks just like Otto? Well yeah, I guess so. But I like Otto. That's the whole point. Pro: f I do have occasion to get a new Passat it will be with a manual transmission instead of Otto's Otto-matic. Con: I WANT MY OTTO BACK!


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