Bed, Breakfast and Bars: Last Meal

Earlier this week, I heard a radio interview with the local sheriff as he described “guests'” meals at the new Cole County Jail: “A carbohydrate, a vegetable, maybe a fruit and a meat or meat substitute.” And yet, as I prepare for my voluntary, no-crime-has-been-committed, just-for-funsies overnight in the clink,

I’m still very pumped about getting a crack at “prison food” (I “turned myself in” at 5 p.m. tonight).

Plus, it’s a really good excuse to have a decent “last meal,” and where better than Prison Brews, a local eatery near the old Missouri State Pen, complete with “razor wire” decor? I should also note that this dining establishment is a microbrewery – though I do not drink – and a Mecca of sorts for intramural Bocce Ball. I’m not sure which I’m less likely to partake in. You can’t say it’s without character, that is certain.

I ordered the bacon cheeseburger, but what to get for a side? I waffled between the sweet potato fries and the fried green beans, before finally settling on SPF. It was a good choice. The sweet/cinnamon flavor always surprises my palate. The burger is probably one of the better ones in town; very simple and juicy.

Anyway, it should tide me over for a few hours, at least until I can get my hands on that “meat substitute.” Bon appetite!


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