Dear Putt-Putt: Adventures in Snail Mail

A month or so ago, I took part in a fantastic project known as Snail Mail My E-mail. The idea is that you sent an e-mail to this dude in California and he farmed it out to a team of scribes who copied it down longhand and physically mailed it to its final recipient. It was weird and crazy labor-intensive, but all kinds of awesome as well.

Here’s the letter that some dude in Tennessee copied from my e-mail and mailed to Megan:

Megan and I both volunteered to write 25 letters each, but alas our pens and paper were not called upon to do our duty… UNTIL NOW! I’m very proud to say that we’re among 234 letter-writers writing 10,457 letters to 71 countries on all seven continents.

A few letter-writers apparently got a little overwhelmed with the volume (could’ve been deadly hand cramps, who knows), and now the organizers are redistributing the remaining workload. We aren’t getting the full load of 25, but we do get to write six strangers’ letters to six other strangers, which again, is pretty amazing.

Of our six combined letters:

  • One is headed to New Zealand
  • One is headed to Germany
  • One is headed to Australia
  • One is headed to the UK
  • One is headed to California
  • One is headed to Florida
  • Two are poems
  • One is a birthday greeting including the words “you’ll always be a lot more more mature, wiser and knowledgeable than me I’M A PLASTIC BAG WHOOOOOOOSHHHH!”
  • One uses the phrase “I miss you like a pedophile misses driving an ice cream truck.”
  • One asks that we include a doodle of a mustache.
  • One appears to a be a Canadian stalker letter to this YouTube “star.”
  • One is to “Putt-Putt” from “Little Foot.”
You can go to and check out the gallery of sent letters. It’s pretty incredible. (But there’s little doubt that our letters will not be as artistic.)

3 responses to “Dear Putt-Putt: Adventures in Snail Mail

  1. I hope whomever receives your letters can read them… ;)

  2. No kidding. I bought some nice stationery, a new pen and I plan on going very, very slowly.

  3. Also, this may be the first time since the 6th grade spelling test that I’ve been able to use the “stationery with an E because paper has an E” thing. One use in 29 years, but dad gummit I used the correct homophone.

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