“To the Top of the Capitol” or, “What Do You Mean, You’re Not into Cosplay?”

This afternoon I was at the Missouri Capitol building taking pictures of National Day of Prayer for work. After I’d taken what I needed, I decided I’d stop by to say Hi to a guy in my Wednesday night Bible Study who is a legislative assistant.

It was his lunch break and as soon as he finished putting official “State of Missouri” seals on 50 congratulations-on-graduating-kindergarten proclamations from the Rep he works for, he grabbed a key and took me up 189 rickety, narrow, scary stairs beyond the fifth floor of the Capitol into “The top.” 

It’s only 120 stairs from the parking level to the seventh floor of my office, and this was 189 stairs BEYOND the fifth floor of the capitol. You’d climb up this flight, then that one, then the scary spiral case and then another flight and then you’re ABOVE the dome that itself is 238 feet above the ground. I normally don’t LOVE heights, but I can handle them. This, on the other hand, made me woozy.

After successfully (if slowly, and with many breaks) climbing the 189 stairs, we had a pretty terrific view of the city and river. Except for those flying, I was the highest person in Jefferson City.

This picture is taken from the highest floor people are allowed to go. Notice the placement of the chandelier and the stained glass windows.

Looking DOWN on that chandelier

Daniel, my tour guide and a humble servant to the good people of Missouri’s 88th District

I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to be able to see the inside of the outside of a dome

Seriously, eight of these.

Stained glass… from the wrong side

That sprial stair at the very very top of the picture takes to you the tip top

The winch that holds the chandelier and sprial staircase. In case you were wondering, yes, the stairs do rattle ominously.

I double, triple and quadruple checked the door did not lock.

Nice view, and pretty much worth it. I've always like the Mo River Bridge

Nice view, and pretty much worth it. I’ve always like the Mo River Bridge.

Megan’s office is the building hiding behind the Governor’s Mansion. Mine is the ugly thing with the two prison guard-tower lookin’ things in the far upper right corner.

Oh, but it gets so much better!

On the way back to my office I stopped into Subway (I’d EARNED my chicken bacon ranch sandwich, darn it). The Sandwich Artist saw my camera and complimented me on my taste in electronics. Now, this isn’t really that odd enough in and of itself, but he took it further asking if I was a professional photographer.

Technically, taking pictures is part of my job description, so yes, I’m professional photographer, but I’m a terrible one. So I explained that I was a writer who occasionally had to take his own pictures. That’s when he took it to a whole ‘nother level:

Sandwich Artist: “Oh, that’s so cool! Are you into cosplay?”

Brian: “… … …”

Sandwich Artist: “There’s this big cosplay convention that’s going to be at the Capitol June 23rd. It’s called CosPlaCon and it’s going to be so cool!”

Brian: “… … …”

Sandwich Artist: “It’s going to be so cool! We’re bringing in the top four or five cosplayers in the country! Would you like that toasted?”

Brian: “Yes please.”

I REALLY wanted to ask him if I could come dressed as a chicken bacon ranch sub, but I don’t think he would have appreciated the joke.

* I make it sound like this was some super secret thing. In reality, however, we had to wait because there was a group of school kids ahead of us. Evidently it’s a standard stop on your run-of-the-mill third grade field trip.


One response to ““To the Top of the Capitol” or, “What Do You Mean, You’re Not into Cosplay?”

  1. I had to google cosplay. I totally think you should go as a sub.

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