Part two of the loooong engagement process picks up here. In case you’ve forgotten, this an adaptation of a log I kept preparing to propose to Megan. You’ll find Part One here. Unlike our last episode, I’m not leaving out the name of the store I visited in this entry. They were courteous and helpful, so I feel like they deserve a plug.


“Shari” didn’t have as fancy a business card as “[saleswoman at down Jefferson City jeweler],” but she must have spent that money she saved on uppity stationery on customer service classes. I had a much better experience at Vandelicht than at [downtown Jefferson City jeweler].

MEGAN EDIT: So she didn’t drown puppies? That’s at least a START…

Like the first store, they were a little higher than I’d like when it comes to prices. BUT, at least they offered things that were in my price range. Sure, it was in the upper reaches of my price range, but in that price range none the less. I’m still not sure about the balance between price, quality, uniqueness, etc. Hopefully I’ll figure that out as I shop around a little more.

MEGAN EDIT: You should know this from SYTTD… They ALWAYS go for the upper reaches of your price point… it’s a given!

They had some rings that I actually really liked. They didn’t really have anything in-stock that I liked, but they were very eager to order some stuff in—at no cost to me—to look at. It’s hard to get an idea of what a ring looks like from a catalog.

MEGAN EDIT: That’s nice that they would order one in… but NOTHING looks like it did in the catalog!

If I end up going with Vandelict as your ring source, the ring will obviously be the deciding factor. BUT, a close second will be what happened as she opened the catalog to find something you might like.

You’re going to think I’m making this up, but I promise promise promise promise promise promise promise promise promise promise promise promise promise promise promise promise promise promise promise promise it’s true. Promise.

MEGAN EDIT: Promise? :-)

As she pulled the ring book out, “Shari” stopped herself and said, “Hmm, the music stopped.” She walked to the stereo in the corner and pressed play. What song do you think came on? Well, it really shouldn’t be that hard to guess, given this picture:

If you guessed “Sisters,” you’re wrong. But, if you guessed Bing Crosby singing “White Christmas,” DING DING DING YOU WIN!

MEGAN EDIT: What if I guessed Bing and Danny Kaye dressed in drag singing “Sisters”?… No?  White Christmas is the BEST Christmas movie made in my humble but accurate opinion. Hands down!

Now, a grumpy killjoy might say that the odds of a hearing a Bing Crosby yule-tide classic in a retail outlet two weeks before Christmas are quite high. Well, to that I say: “Shut up, Mr. Grumpy Killjoy. It’s a sign!”

MEGAN EDIT: I’ll take it over the Hallelujah Chorus!

First off, it’s one of your favorite movies, and secondly, you were leaving that night to go to your dad’s to watch it (I’m really sorry I couldn’t go with you, btw).

MEGAN EDIT: You missed a good time, but there’s always THIS year!

I’m sure you remember this story, but I’m going to re-tell it here. When I was in college, I asked God to make things very plain for me about the girl I’m supposed to marry. Specifically, I asked for a choir of angels singing the “Hallelujah Chorus” and a flashing neon sign. Pretty spiritual, right? Obviously, I’m 100 positive I want to marry you, but I didn’t get those two requests. But you know what? I’m taking the recording of Bing crooning that wonderful, wonderful song as God’s improvement on my request. And the glittering, sparkling diamonds everywhere were way prettier than any neon sign. “Hallelujah” was just going to be a musical sign from God about some hypothetical, generic, no-name girl when I was too chicken or not ready to go out and look for her, but “White Christmas” is about my Megan.

MEGAN EDIT: Cue the Aww’s here… I’m going to cry!

Like I said, I’m not sure yet what ring I’m going to get you or where it’s going to come from. But, musical sign from God or not, I am sure about you.

MEGAN EDIT: Yup… tissues please… you are too sweet. I love you!


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