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[Wedding] Registry Error

Alas, Megan’s plaid does not count as a bar code.

(Disclaimer: For a blog entry about wedding gift registries, the following spends a surprising number of words discussing hatchets.)

I take it back. All those time I privately thought to myself, “Why are these people making wedding planning so hard?” I take it all back. Wedding planning is hard, and not just because you have to remember to figure in the 18 percent gratuity to your catering budget*. But there’s one area that I¬†thought¬†would be blissfully simple and nothing but fun: gift registry. Turns out, even that can have its moments of bewildering frustration. Continue reading


Bowling Ball Yard Art? Bowling Ball Yard Art.

To get to my parents house from Missouri, you have to drive through Nowata, Okla. It’s a small town, and there’s not a whole lot going on there. There’s a post office, a gun range, and “Taco Town.” Oh, and don’t forget a small sign off Highway 60 beckoning visitors to Bowling Ball Yard Art.

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