Meet Todd’s Fingers

todds fingers

Originally written 12/15/2011

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Dear Future Megan:

Yesterday I took the afternoon off from work and my initial idea was to go to the shooting range, then go home and take a nap. Then I started feeling bad, since you were stuck at work, so I figured I would do something “for” you with my free afternoon. Then I went to the range.

Megan Edit: Not like I could have stopped you if I wanted to… I hate you always have vacation to burn this time of year! Jealous!

As you might guess, that something was go to the mall and check out the shiny, sparkly offerings from Kay and Zales.

I quickly learned this was the way to go. They both had WAY more selection, and significantly better prices, and seemed to “get” me, even better than… oh what was her name… let me check… “Shari” at [other local jewelry store].  Compared to that one lady at [terrible local jewelry store] who implied that I was cheap, well, there was no comparison.

Kay was the first one I went to because A) it was the first one I saw when I walked through the mall’s doors, and B) Chris bought Katie’s ring there so I guess it’s the closest thing I have to a personal recommendation.  They have one ring in particular that was very, very pretty. It’s very similar to the really expensive one you like online, only instead of the two medium size stones on the band, they were made up of clusters of tiny diamonds. It was very pretty, and easily the best one I’d seen.

Megan Edit: Hmm… hard to imagine what it looked like. But you definitely picked the right one :-)

“Roxie” was helpful and stayed in my price range.  This “Liz” girl kinda shoehorned her way into the conversation and wasn’t very helpful, but I headed over to Zales in even better spirits than after I left Vandelicht. Then I actually went to Zales and my spirits just went that much higher.

Megan Edit: That’s because Zales is the best place to buy jewelry… just saying…

Seriously, if some guy asks me ring advice, I’m just sending him straight to Zales. They have the best selection of any of them, they’re the most reasonable on price, and they were the only ones to bring out the monocle thingy and show me the diamonds up close and explain the clarity and color stuff. Of course, it probably is a blessing that I went to the other places first because each one (even the good experience at Vandelicht and the better experience at Kay) just served to show me how great the experience at Zales really was. Blah blah blah chains in the mall are evil blah blah blah support mom and pop blah blah blah I DON’T CARE THEY HAD WHAT I WANTED AT THE RIGHT PRICE.

Plus, they had Todd.

Todd was very helpful. He wore a pinstriped suit. He also did a very good job of staying in my budget and showed me the exact rings you’ve picked out as good examples. Oh, and remember last night when you said, “Oh look, they have a cheaper version of that one I really like… too bad it’s only in yellow gold.” Well, yeah, I knew they had a cheaper version of that one ring you really liked, because Todd brought it out and showed it to me and I’d held it like six hours before. And hey, guess what, it does come in white gold. Boo-yah!

Megan Edit: I found that out around March 2012… They never showed it online…

That was something I appreciated about Todd. He saw that I had a picture of the big one and immediately knew that in addition to that one, I might be interested in the more… ”economical” model. He didn’t push me toward the bigger sale, and that goes a long way with me, but he also didn’t make me feel like a cheapskate. Are ya listening, [terrible local jewelry store]?

Megan Edit: I’m hearing the “Say Yes To The Dress” music in my head. After hearing you gush about him, he was different than I expected when we went to go buy your ring. He even helped with that if I remember correctly :-) Saved you $100 on your ring when you argued with the pregnant lady about the coupon? I couldn’t decide whether to be embarrassed or proud… :-) Brian: Seriously? She was pregnant?

Yep. Me and Todd are buds. Remind me to add him to my Christmas card list.

Megan Edit: Did you send him one, by the way? Brian: No. :-(

So much so, that while I was admiring the smaller edition, I asked him to get the “deluxe model” so to speak, back out.

I know I’m kinda stingy and like to get a good deal, but dad gummit, that nicer one, the one you really liked from the beginning that I said was so far out of the question, was just so darn pretty. Online, you really don’t see that much difference in the two sizes. You really can’t even see it in this picture. In person, you can tell. And darned if I didn’t fall for the bigger one.

Megan Edit: What’s not to like?

Here’s the thing. I have the cash to pay for the big ‘un (I have more saved up than I’ve let on to you). It was really a question of, “Do I spend the $$ on the bling (ugh, I hate myself for using the word “bling”), or do I get the base model and jump start the honeymoon fund. I bet Todd thought I was crazy, because instead of wavering back and forth between two rings in a narrow price range, I was debating a ring that was double the price of its little brother. He probably isn’t complaining though.

I’ve prayed about it and gone back and forth on it, but at this exact moment I think I’m leaning pretty heavily toward El Grande. I’m only going to buy one engagement ring, so I kinda think that’s the thing I should splurge on. Sure, there will only be one honeymoon, but I just feel like of the two, I should probably go all out on the ring. It’s not like ten years from now you’ll be telling people “Oh Brian took me ____ on our honeymoon,” but they will still be seeing your ring.

Megan Edit: Yep!

I’ve been waiting for an aha moment to tell me which ring to get and I just can’t get away from this one. It helps, of course, that I know this is the one you’ve picked out as your favorite (maybe even the same exact ring you tried on several months ago when you went by yourself? Shame on you for that, by the way!), but I like to think that even if I didn’t know this was your preferred ring, I’d still be headed in this one’s direction. I say I’m leaning toward it, but the truth is that unless God intervenes in the next 24 hours, I’m pretty well set on it.

It’s killing me to keep all this a secret. I know you’re wondering if my light is ever going to turn green. Just trust me!

Megan Edit: You did well with deceiving… at least at this point in the story :-)

Any way, that’s where I am right now. The sale ends Sunday; I told the salesman I’d be back Friday. I thought I’d be more nervous, but I’m not. Not right now at least; maybe I will be tomorrow. We’ll see. Wish me luck!

Megan Edit: Good luck! Oh, wait… :-)



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