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The (Mystery) Honeymooners


I can guarantee you this will not be happening on our honeymoon. How is the waiter going to bring me more bread? Or refill my Diet Dr Pepper? This lack of service is going to be reflected in his tip, I can tell you that much.

Planning Megan and my June 29 wedding has been… exhausting. Much to my surprise, I’ve discovered that I have very passionate opinions about things I never thought I’d care about. “Marrying” our two tastes and traditions into a cohesive ceremony and reception hasn’t been easy, but we’re in the home stretch and we’re more than ready for the big day to get here.  But in the midst of choosing napkin fonts and colors of roses (there are literally 300 shades of red), there’s one planning task that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed, and not just because Megan has left it to me: our honeymoon. Continue reading