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World Series Game 3 – A Few Thoughts from the “Cheap” Seats


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Just a few tossed-together thoughts from one of the most exciting events I’ve ever been privileged to witness: Continue reading


My Memoirs (Part Deux)


As I’m sure you all remember, I’m writing my memoirs. The project has been a long time in the making (see the previous news about it here), but we’re making some serious progress. I’d love to go ahead and share a few chapters with you, but I’m not sure that’s a sound business decision. As the old saying goes, why would you buy the cow if I’m giving the milk away for free? No, I need to protect my future sales. As a compromise, I’m only going to whet your collective appetites by giving you a glimpse into a few pages of the end notes of what will surely become a beloved staple in high school and collegiate English classes. Continue reading